Message From The Parish Priest

Dear Viewers,

In this modern era, people are on the internet to seek Information. Website plays an important role in it. People are using the web to get the news, weather forecasts, cooking recipes, medical diagnoses, book reviews, book flights, plan vacations, buy and sell goods, express opinions so and so forth.

We thought that if we own a website, we can actually track everything that is happening in the Parish. This will be more convenient for all our parishioners who are around the world, to be in touch with the Parish activities.

Building an online presence is not an easy task. Our editorial board in collaboration with ICYM members good at what they do . Let this website offer a global community and good relationship.

God bless you each and everyone.

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Service Time

Daily Mass :Monday- Thursday 6:45 AM.
Friday :

Novena Of Infant Jesus and Holy Eucharistic Adoration Followed by Holy Mass at 3:45 PM.

Saturday :

Holy Rosary,Mass,Novena Of Our Lady Of Lourdes Followed By Prayer For the sick at 8:30 AM,

Mercy Rosary/Prayers of the Church Followed by Sunday Mass at 3:30 PM
Sunday :

Mercy Rosary/Prayers of the Church Followed By Mass at 8:00 AM
Sunday School/Catechism : 9:00 AM

Mercy Rosary/Daily Prayers Followed By Mass at 10:10 AM.
On all First Sundays of the month Holy Eucharist Adoration will be held after the 8:00 AM Mass.

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