Feast OF Our Lady Of Lourdes 2021

The feast day of ‘Our Lady of Lourdes’ is a day to remember when ‘Our Blessed Mother’ appeared to 14 years old Marie Bernade (St Bernadette) Soubirous for the first time.

The feast of our Lady of Lourdes was celebrated on February 11th at Kanajar Parish .

Holy Mass was held at 10 AM. Many people, priests and religious joined the festive Mass, thanked God for the blessings, which they received through Lourdes Saibin.

The liturgical singing led all the people to participate meaningfully in the Holy Mass. The Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Alexander Lewis thanked all the devotees and the guest priests.

ICYM Kanajar unit members decorated the Altar and Sanctuary with natural flowers.

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