Lourdes Rolling Trophy -2K22 @ Late PM Saldanha Stadium

Lourdes Rolling Trophy 2K22 was successfully eventualized by ICYM Kanajar on 15th of May 2022. Inaugurated by Rev Fr Vishal Lobo along with the parish council members This Trophy symbolized the unity and integrity of the Parishioners. The sportive spirit of the parishioners rose in the Late P.M. Saldanha Memorial “Kowdoor Stadium” when the 14 Wards faced off each other For the Sparkling Trophy.
The following Wards Participated in the match.
1. Lourdes Ward (Lourdes and Lourdes A Wards united)
2. Ninjoor Ward (Mother Theresa and St. Antony Wards united)
3. Church A Ward
4. Church B Ward
5. Carmel Ward
6. Kapadi Ward (Milar and Infant Jesus Wards united)
7. Kowdoor Ward (Monthi Mary and St. Lawrence Wards united)
8. Cross Ward
9. Cosses Ward
10.Kanajar A Ward
11. Kanajar B Ward
12. Fathima Ward
13. Palli Ward (Vailankani & Rosary Wards united)
14. Nithyadhar Ward (Nithyadhar A and Nithyadhar B Wards united)

Winners: Ninjoor Ward
Runners: Lourdes Ward
Man of the match: Nishanth Noronha (Ninjoor)
Man of the Series: Nishanth Noronha (Ninjoor)
Best Lady Player: Riya Aranha (Ninjoor)
Best Batsman : Lionel Menezes (Lourdes)
Best Bowler : Renita Lobo (Kapadi)







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