Catholic Sabha

The Catholic Sabha chapter of Kanajar was established in the year 1989 with the motto “Service, Sacrifice & Unity”, under the leadership of Rev. Fr. Albert Menezes and with the guidance of Mr. Cashmere Menezes and Mr. Walter Cyril Pinto. Since then Catholic Sabha has ventured into a lot of welfare programs.

Following are the programs conducted by the Catholic Sabha:
Information about modern agriculture and government facilities. Conducted informative camp on jasmine growing. Overlooked the medicare camp from the doctors of KMC, Manipal with the supply of allied medicines. Free eye checkup and operation camp. Free dental treatment camp. Strived for having entered all the names of eligible people into the voter’s list, with the graduate’s names into corresponding voter’s list. Arranged a camp on political awareness with the resource personnel William Pinto, Shirtadi. Worked for having candidates from the community for the village panchayat elections. Organizing housie-housie games and distributed prizes for the best cribs during each Christmas. Took measures to increase interest in catechism among the children. Took part in the rallies that were organized for protesting the atrocities against the community. Also as per the instructions from central committee, have sent telegrams and postcards to concerned government officials to convey the message. Have congratulated and honored people who have excelled with achievements. Offered obituaries during the death of religious leaders. Strived for providing financial aid to Manasa rehabilitation center. Cooperated fully in the projects of center and varado councils. Actively took part in the programs and gatherings organized by them. Volunteered during Attur parish feast. Organized luncheons and lucky games, sports, elocution competitions to strengthen the unity between families. Helped in solving problems between families. Provided financial aid to poor and deceased brethren.